A Dead Man's Tale

The story of revenge.

It was a night so dark and grim during an ungodly hour.

I could hear from a distance the bell from the clock tower.

If I only knew it meant my time was ending.

There was no turning back, there was no pretending.

He stood before me as silent as the night.

His eyes brightened a vengence that gave me a fright.

He gave a slithering, serpants', smile as if he could see my hands still stained.

I no longer saw the boy crying for his family; instead, I saw a man broken and


The energy between us had deepened a strife.

I knew he wasn't here to be friends, he was here for my life.

I was no longer able to escape death's claws.

I stared at the outcome of the pain I've caused.

By God the moon shall be my witness of my death.

As I take one, final, whispering breath.

The End

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