I have babysat them before.Mature

It is once again time to babysit the Jenson family kids. You’ve done it before, and so you know them quite well, the 11-year-old girl called Marlene is a trickster and always wants to make your life a bit harder than it has too. Last time she tried to lock you in the kitchen for the entire time luckily you escaped through the window and caught her, and the time before that she tried to run away. You know you have to watch her extra careful or she gets out of hand quickly.

The other is a six-year-old boy named Mark, he is sweet and seems like he wants to help you with getting control of Marlene, but sometimes it damages more than it helps. Like when he tried to get the key from Marlene he ended locked up in the bathroom instead, or when he disappeared while helping you looking for Marlene in the town because he thought he saw her. He is sweet and kind.

As you arrive at the house, you look at it before entering. A yellow brick stone house with black roof tiles. A small garden in front with an oak tree. The house itself is a good two stories high with a cellar, and a beautiful balcony. You walk up to the white front door thinking about what Marlene is planning on; your thought run a bit wild, and you quickly dismiss a lot of them simply because they would be too crazy like drugging you with sleeping pills or worse, somehow thought you are a little scared it might happen. You end your thought when you stand in front of the door, pressing the doorbell.

It takes a while before the dad opens the door.

“Welcome, good to see. Are you ready for the week? “

“Sure am.” You squeeze out still scared from your previous thoughts.

“Good, well you know the drill, our number is in the kitchen if you need it. Sleep time 20:00 for Mark and 21:30 for Marlene. Don’t let them get too much sugar or you are going to regret it when they need to sleep.”

“yes I know. I already memorized your number, but it always good to have it written just in case. Do Mark still have his nighttime problem?”

“he still does, the pull-ups are in the children’s bathroom upstairs like normal. “

While talking you, both went inside to the living room a larger one with a flat screen TV and the sofa bed you so easily conquer every night. It is surprisingly comfortable, you are unsure if you like it more than your bed, but then again, your bed wins.

“see you in a week.” you hear from the parents as they leave the house. you just managed to reply with a bye before you hear the door getting closed.


The End

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