You are a babysitter, going to babysit two children. However, one has a whole other plan for the night than that of yours, will you keep order or loose sight of things. Perhaps you'll end up being babysat.

This story choices will be divided into two groups.
Short term choice and long-term choice.

A short term choice will effect whatever happens now and will not come back to haunt you later in the story. These will be "harmless" the actual story but offers me to make a lot of pages wich says the same thing with minor alteration.

Long-term choices, however, works opposite, in the most parts. They might not effect something immiadtly. (they still can) No, they will set up events and stuff longer down the road. These are the one that you can "save" then go back and choose something else, to see a "different" story. Contrary to short term where you will only see the difference on a single page or two and then the story would basic be the same.

Because of this, it will be a solo project; I will open it once it is done which should take some time.

I plan to write a couple of pages a day. Until the story finished. What any ideas of what you might want to see in the story is accepted. And if anyone wants to go through the grammar it would be appreciated too.

The End

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