A day of my life.

A day of my life.

7-30 Alarm goes off, I turn alarm on snooze.

7-40 Alarm goes off again, I turn alarm off completely.

7-50 Brother comes to get me up by pulling duvet off my bed and stealing my pillows. I get up. Get dressed very slowly into school uniform as I am not awake yet.

8-00 I go down stairs to have breakfast, usually end up feeding cat as well.

8-10 My brother and I race upstairs to the bathroom he gets there first. Spend next ten minutes packing school bag and yelling at him to 'hurry up'.

8-20 Practice piano. Then realize have not done homework. Scribble something down about the First World War. Run down stairs, run upstairs pick up homework run down stairs again.

8-35 Leave house for school.

8-50 Arrive at school, put stuff in locker and go to form room.

9-30: 3-45 School. Given lots of homework by teachers; get told off for not doing homework properly; break- a chance to catch up with friends about what they did last night; lunch- a whole hour of sitting on radiators in cold corridors, being told off about sitting on radiators, eating and chilling with best mates.

By the time I get home I am very hungry so raid the cupboard, annoying brother has for the third time eaten the last chocolate biscuit!! Go upstairs to “do homework” but end up getting sidetracked. It doesn’t matter what- painting nails, writing, ANYTHING is better than doing maths homework. After getting changed I pick up maths book, put maths book down and go down stairs to get bag but end up getting sidetracked again and sit down to watch tv. Mum tells me to go do homework. I go upstairs and switch on computer, while it loads I glance at questions. Before I can think about doing them I go on computer until dinner. Wash up. Dad phones and happily spend ten minutes talking about nothing while maths homework sits on desk. Go upstairs to try and do homework properly but can't even think about what I'm doing as my brother has cd playing at top volume next door. Yell at him to turn it down. No answer. Shout at him to turn it down. No answer. Open door and turn it down my self. As soon as I am in own room music goes up again. Put my music on LOUD. He then tells me to turn it down!!!! By ten o'clock I have practised piano, been on protagonize, talked to frinds on msn ( well I still am), texted friends who aren't on msn. read, written and watched tv but maths homework still hasn't been done. Oops!!

11-15 Mum tells me to go to bed as I have maths test tomorrow. Ah, forgot about that. Spend next half an hour in bed on computer flicking through a magazine and my maths book. (good multi-tasking, oh except maths doesnt get done. Did I mention that my maths homework still hasn't been done?) In the end I go to sleep.


Good night.

The End

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