A Day of Infamy

The day I witnessed a great country brought to her knees and then rise up with indignation and unrepressed strength.

This day will forever be etched in my mind as the day America revealed its lackadaisical attitude and its vulnerability to the world. In the days to come it became known as the day the sleeping giant awoke.
On that day I was helping a friend clean her houseboat apartments in Key Biscayne Florida. I had the TV on more for noise than entertainment and was sitting crosslegged on the floor cleaning the rungs on the bottom of the dining room chair. I happened to look up at the TV and saw an airplane fly in to a tower and explode. I sat there with my mouth hanging open as I couldn't believe my eyes. My first thoughts were that this was some kind of TV stunt or trickery. I shouted to my friend to come quick telling her that a jumbo jet had just flown in to one of the towers in New York.
As she scrambled up the stairs I learned that this was the second plane in the second tower. I began to cry as I thought of the numbers of people who I had just witnessed losing their lives. I cried for them and for the anguish their families would soon suffer as well.

The End

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