carnival combat

Seconds later,a rumble boomed across the indoor amusment park. The men spun around and saw the most rediculous weapon on the planet. A ferris wheel. A ferris wheel with a pilot in the center. Seats taken out so it can roll. And four 75mm laser cannons mounted to the sides. It Charged forward at the men. The men removed several pistols. And started firing. "RUN SAO! FOR HEAVENS SAKE RUN!" One man screamed. Sao turned to the exit. Charging at it he dared not turn round. He jumped through the door and twoard his buggy. He got in and started driving away. About half a minute later,a group of v-26 strike fighters flew overhead. Behind them,a trout dropship helicopter veered twoard Sao's buggy. The Trout redused speed and flew a small ways ahead of Jim. He got the message and slowed also. The helicopter lowered to the ground. Then the back opened up. Sao drove into it. He leaned around the side and saw the ferris wheel being attacked by the fighters. "this is sooooooooooo weird."
The End

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