Running is a good idea

Jim was in a tight spot. Two men prepared to kill him with a single click. The first man tapped his pistol with his ring finger. "I have used up my wait Mr. Sao,now give it up." Jim spat at the man. "My answer remains no." Jim began to wait. A iron pelet from the 23mm semi auto pistol would burn through his body. But nothing happened. "You have smarts Mr. Sao. You have good smarts. But do you even know where it is. The haven houses so many people. Yet it remains a lost treasure." The man said. Jim began to yell"how do you know that? And do you even have the correct tech to read it?" The men looked around. Then two other men in the same suits came out. One grabbed a suit case from behind a consession stand and tossed across the ground. It landed on Jim's feet. "Use it. Decode it. Just locate the haven and find more people for it." Then he heard a cackling sound from behind him. He turned around to see a old skinny man with red eyes,burning his soul. "Are you sure lad? Why I might want that for myself!" The men behind Jim removed there pistols. "Duck" Jim obeyed and dropped as four iron pellets ripped through the old man. He yelped and colapsed. Jim got up and looked at the things body spraying electric sparks. "A remote corpse?"
The End

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