The clasp of darkness

Jim was halucenating.  Radiation offen made him do this.  There were only 4 people in the area he stared at.  2 of them were dead.  The other 2 stared at him.  Jim held his pistol tight and shook his head,he then saw the two men walking twoard him.  Jim lifted his pistol,ready to fire.  The men were tall and in buissness suits.  Wait buisness suits? What the-in this world?  In this place?  At this time?  Jim was about to scream.  "We know who you are mr. Sao."One man said pulling out a folder.  The man continued."Name:Jim Teran Sao.  Height:2.20 meters.  Age:27.  Skin color:Dark brown.  Hair:tan.  Yes mr.Sao,we know your every weakness,strength,advantage you ever posessed.  And you mr.Sao,have something we want."  Jim was shocked.  They knew everything!  Even stuff he never knew.  But he did know what they wanted.  "What!  No.  No no no no no no.  I own and deserve it!"  He  screamed.  "We can make you rich."  The man tempted.  The men pulled out twin pistols.  The man smiled"or I can make you rich in lead bullets stuffed in your body!"

The End

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