After driving about a hour,Jim past a sign.  Jim stopped and looked over the sign

                                                 COME ONE COME ALL TO THE

                                                MICKY MACWONDER FAIR!

                                                 RIDE WACKY CONTRAPTIONS

                                                 AND EAT GREAT FOOD

                                                   STARTING 9-11-58

Jim stopped.  9-11-58 was only a week before the twenty minute chaos started the war!  Jim shruged and got on his buggy.  He then excelerated twoard where the fair was supposed to be. Only twenty klicks later he could see the fair.  Warm air encircled him as he parked his buggy outside of the ticket stand.  He drew his pistol and walked forward.  A circling door protected  the fair grounds.  Jim kicked it and broke through.  He was then suprised to find a lively trading center in the fair grounds!

The End

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