before this

Ten years earlier

Special Protection Agency hq,South Africa,Petoria

"Jim,Jim!"  Jim coughed and spat out a spray of blood and spit and dust.  Jim looked up at the old man.  "Do you remember me?"  The man asked sounding worried.  Jim shook his head.  Jim remembered almost nothing.  All he knew was that he was Jim and that the place he sat was the ruins of a office.  "Do you know what this is?"The man said holding a pistol.  Jim stared at the pistol and said"A 13mm SPA standard issue pistol."The man smiled"You're right!  Now listen you were hit with a direct hit of amnesia gas,you probobly will remember what happend.Ok?"  Jim nodded.  The man handed him a disc in a small case and continued"This will show you the location of the safe haven in-."  At that second a American marine blasted through the door and opened fire with his chaingun!  The man was killed instantly and Jim grabbed the pistol that the man had carried,cocked it,fired.  The marine fell over with a hole through his chest.  Jim got up and kicked out the window.  Then he ran.


The End

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