I hate lizards.

Racing forward in his dune buggy he aquired at capetown south africa during the first 6 weeks after the twenty minute chaos,he hoped he could reach a town before night fall.  Not much hapened in the nuclear desert.  Occasionally a fast little rabbit with bloodshot eyes and giant ears would hop along.  After driving ten minutes,Jims tiny eyes saw a shining object in the distance.  It was scaly,big and malevolent.  Jim then noticed the scaly object reach over and grab a rabbit and devour it in a bloody mess.Jim instantaniously grabbed the mounted pulse carronade,finger on the trigger.  50yards and the the scaly object was identifiable as a huge lizard.40 yards and he pushed down the trigger and armed the carronade.30yards and the lizard preparred to attack.  20yards and the carronade was almost in range.  10yards and Jim let loose with a energy blast that fried the scaly neck of the creature.The beast flipped over neardead.Jim fired again and a explotion of toxic green blood mixed in with the red rabbit blood.Jim couldent bear the sight of it and ran drove on forward.Then he stopped turned around and got out."at least I can profit from this hide of this monstosity".

The End

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