After taking the dead bandits revolver,Jim ran off across the edge of the canyon.  He looked around for his vehicle.  His dune buggy was parked somwhere around the area.  A screaching sound sudenly pirced the air,at the same time Jim spotted his buggy!  Then a chattering sound overcame the screaching! Jim then knew that somebody was using a chaingun.  He looked brhind him to see a twin jet attack plane opening fire with it's wing mounted 45mm guns.  The pilot shot forward and overshot Jim.  Jim was almost to his car,but the pilot began another strafing run.  Cannons blazing,the A10 warthog(the planes common name)doubled back,but overshot again.  Jim was finally at his car.  He lept in and grabbed a item and pulled it out.  The A10 pilot began his third attack.  Jim was ready though,the item was a rpg pointing staight at the A10.  Jim pressed the trigger and fired.  The rpg bullet used it's solid propellent to race into the cokpit of the plane!  The plane exploded in a flaming destruction that spread across the ground.  Jim had no pleasure in killing,but the explotion satisfied him.  "Now to find civillization".

The End

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