Jim Sao

Jim sat at the edge of the cliff.He felt like a outcast.  All that existed now was around 40,000 humans.  And about 50 percent of them were demented robbers.  He had wandered the land hoping that perhaps one place was not destroyed.  A place where grasses stood.  Where humans could surrvive in peace.  But all he saw was the damaged wastland that was a prarie.  The world was dying at a fast rate.  But as long as no more humans died they could cling on to life.  His philosphy was desterbed by a click.  He new that click.  It was the same one as in the wasteland of South Africa.  "I would say hands in the air,but thats rather cliche."A voice said.  Jim smiled"standard six shot pistol.I expected better from a bandit."Jim got up after his reply and knocked the pistol from his hand.  The man delivered a punch that made Jim grunt.  But it did nothing more.  Jim reilized that his opponent was fat.  Imideantly he used the weight to take the man down after a swift punch.  The man fell down and hit the gound,unconsious.  Jim nelt down and took his pistol out.  Then he fired into the slumped bandits body.  "But some men should not exist".

The End

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