It's not there

The people onboard the ship explained they were from a refugee camp in Ireland.  They need the haven to help there quickly depleating population.  A nap later they entered US airspace.  They landed on the coast to conserv fuel,the men walked from there.  after crossing over a few old towns they reached the location where the place was suppose to be.  But they could see nothing.

Is this a joke did we read the map wrong?

The answer lied on a billboard.

Fraid of attack by nukes? Then head down here 2109.  2109,seculed for compleation 5 years after the war began.
It was never here in the first place.

Where grasses stood.  Guess im never going to see that any time.  I don't beleive it.

And with that,Sao shot himself.  He slumped to the ground.  Maybe it was a conicendence,or some devine power that set him down next to a blade of grass.


The End

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