A Day Of Fire

In the near future,earth entered it's most bloody war called the 20 minute chaos.The apocolyptic place people now called home was all that was left.Those who didn't die from the thermo nuclear blast's had to worry about bandits,rapid and dangerous weather,famine and radioactivity.The movie plots of movies like mad max were becoming true.

The world burned.It burned in a eternal flame called war.And we lit the flame of war.We were the only ones capable of creating a ap0colyptic weapon like the EMP or nuclear ICBM.All the major cities lay in demolished materials.New York was the first to get nuked.Then cairo,los angeles,bejing and tokyo fell to the oncoming storm of explosives.Kashakstan ended the bloodshed with there weaponry.And me.I surrvived.But how long will I surrvive?

The End

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