Huh. I guess Weasels really do scream.

My name's Pusselli. Enrico Pusselli. I pretty much run this side of town. Me and the boys are a formidable opponent, as you can probably see from the incident with Larry over there. Now, I know what some of you are thinking. What right does this bozo have to go around calling himself ruler of this fair city?

To all of you, I say this. I got just as many rights as thye next guy. But unfortunately, the next guy happens to be people like Larry. And the way I see it, people like that don't deserve to be in charge. So I've taken command. Town Hall and the Police Department may think they're in charge, but that's only because I let 'em.

So anyway, as I'm walking down out of the alleyway where the poor deceased Larry lies, I bump into this guy.

Detective Simon Kiln. Pretty dumb name. Well, at least I think so.

So I say "Good evening Detective. And what can we do for you?"

"What's happening back there Pusselli?"

"Why, nothing. Detective, I..."

"I heard screams."

"Oh that? Why, that was just my pal Knuckles. Ironically, he fell and broke his knuckles."

"Outta the way Pusselli, I gotta see."

"Oh Detective... You were doing so well up until then." I incline my head, and Kurt slips behind Kiln, and smacks him over the head.

A job well done.




The End

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