Toby goes on holiday

Toby is my adopted semi-Persian cat. He was rescued from a rubbish heap. This is one of his adventures ....

Oh no! It's that box again ... I hate it!

My mummy is not here. What's going on? 

Don't know this place ... Oh! There is another four-legged creature like me.  He's ginger and white ... slightly bigger than I am.  He's coming closer ... sniffing me all over.  I'm not sure I like him.

This is a safe place - it's cool and almost dark here - blankets hanging on either side. Good! Peaceful and quiet. I'll stay here for now.

"Toby ...Toooby ... Toby" - oh!  Someone's calling me.  She's not my mummy.  I can see a pair of legs coming closer ... and there's that ginger one too.  From beneath the edge of the blanket, I can see him getting closer; he's sniffing the floor - he found my hiding spot - run!

"Come Toby ... come eat your food."

I am hungry but not sure I can trust her ... she's not my mummy.

Wait ... I'm not going to eat just yet.  Let me see what's this ginger doing.  I can see him from behind this piece of furniture, but he cannot see me.  Hmmm ... he's going for my food bowl.  No ... that's mine ...

It's dark now; everyone's asleep.  I'm tired too.  It's been a long day. Yawwwwn!

Noises ... Oh!  They're awake - ginger is sniffing the floor; he's getting closer.  Grrrr - swat!  That'll teach him to leave me alone.

Boom!  The door closed - silence!  I can wonder around ... hmmm ... I'm beginning to like this place.  It's not bad after all.  I can eat in peace.  There ... this is a good spot, behind the glass door ... I can have a nap here.

Ooops!  It's the door again ... "Toby"  - the door opens - "How are you, Toby? Were you  a good boy?" 

Here comes the ginger one ... wait ... he's sniffing me again.  Now he's rolling on his back and swatting me gently.  Hmmm!  I think he wants to play. 

Oh!  I'm allowed out on the terrace.  There's a gentle breeze blowing ... it's nice and fresh out here - I like it.  And the plants smell lovely; I like sniffing at them.  The ginger one is coming ... over the past days, I got used to following him around.  He's not a bad sort and I like playing with him.

I think I have a new mummy ... she feeds me ... there are more people in the house, not just my new mummy.  The talk to me and play with me ... I like it here.

I play hide and seek with the ginger one ... sleep ... eat ... discover new places ... hmmm not bad!  It' fun!

Oh no!  It's that box again!  What now?  Just when I was getting the hang of this new place!

I know this smell ... I've been here before ... Oh! I can here mummy.  Looks like I'm back home.

The End

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