Growl and bark menacingly

You watch as the bully standing over Timmy looks to the other and nods, "Do you think he'll bite?"

The other attacker smiles evilly as he raises the cold steel hook, "If he tries, the only thing he will be eating is my metal knuckle!"

Although you aren't sure what they mean, another look at Timmy and his big frightened eyes makes your decision easy. 

Suddenly you sit quietly back and let your tongue hang out, almost smiling and watch as Hook Boy turns in triumph, "See? He knows what's good for him?" and that evil smile turns into a menacing laugh.

You see your chance, suck your tongue in and leap with the speed of a wild barn cat! You feel your feet push the chest of Hook Boy and barely feel him fall before you launch your next attack against Creepy Boy, knocking him aside, and putting yourself between Timmy and danger.

As Timmy wraps his arms around you for protection, you growl a vicious warning. Almost to your surprise, Hook Boy grabs Creepy Boy by the arm and pulls him away, "It's okay, we'll get him later!"

The End

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