You approach Timmy tentatively, as if afraid. You inch your way towards his front right pocket, your black nose twitching.

You move forward slowly and Timmy looks a little nervous.  You get the unmistakable scent of "Fear" from him.

"What's up, girl?"  he almost croaks.  "I'm... I'm ok can back off..."

With a swift "snap" you grab and rip open Timmy's jeans pocket.  Emitting a cry of alarm, Timmy hits you, hard, across the nose and tears form in your eyes.  You jump back, but not before a little metal tin falls out on the ground.

There is a collective in-take of air around the group of bystanders watching you, and everyone freezes.  Finally, Sherriff Smith walks up and picks the little tin up.  Timmy starts to back away again.

"Well, what's this?  What do we have here, son?"

"I.... I... I dunno, I found it down in the well while I was waiting for help..." Timmy's voice trails off.

Sherriff Smith opens the tin and pauses for a minute before shutting it.  "I think you better come with me son..."

Timmy bows his head as Sherriff Smith moves closer.


The End

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