Return to sunning yourself, enjoying the smell of roasted sausage, and wishing it was in your bowl.

You lay back down in your sunny spot and within minutes you are back in your dreams.  You are chasing a rabbit through some tall grass, zig-zagging after the fast running (and tasty) animal.  You thrive on the smell of dinner... and fear.

You bound after the rabbit as it enters a clearing in the field and remarkably it is sitting up on its haunches staring at you.  A bit taken aback, you skid to a stop and start stalking your dinner around in a circle.

The rabbit keeps its eyes on you the whole time.  Just as you are about to lunge, the rabbit suddenly opens it mouth and lets out a an earsplitting....


You wake up in a panic.  There is a loud shrieking noise that is rattling your teeth and piercing into your brain.  It seems to be coming from up high on the wall in the hallway.  You open your eyes and see that there is a thick layer of smoke at the top of the room.  Oh no!  The kitchen is on fire!

The End

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