Run to the road to flag down a passing car.

You have to get help, and right now!

You run out to the road, a short distance from the farm, and look around.  There isn't a car to be seen of course, because you live out in the middle of farmland.  Desperately, you pick a direction and start running down it, hoping that you'll run across someone.

After a few minutes, you see a car approaching quickly.  Right when it passes you, it slams on its brakes and skids to a halt.  A man wearing something funny over his face jumps out of one of the doors, runs over, grabs you and throws you in the car!

You bark and growl at the bad men, but one of them reaches back where you are at and clubs you really hard across the face.  Whining you lay down.

"Now WHY did you go and do that?!  You didn't need to hit him!"

"I didn't need to hit him?  I wouldn't have stopped the car, when I'm running from the police after a bank robbery to pick up a stray dog on the side of the road!"

Uh, oh, you are in trouble now.  Poor Dad is laying under a machine and you just got dognapped!

The End

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