forgot to bring the pudding.....where is the entertainment in that!??!

Sneaking back into the house while everyone was still asleep, I have few minutes to spare and a couple of biscuits and milk to finish. We sat in the living room and started having more biscuits. but the milk is finished, ooh my god, Santa looked at his magic milk container. I will get some milk in the fridge and we can have more biscuits. Off I go to the kitchen, open the refrigerator, took a bottle of milk and back to the living room where Santa was sitting. He is not there anymore, looked around, went back to the kitchen, up to my bedroom, he is nowhere to be found. I am about to leave my bed room and my younger brother wakes up, what are you doing, and where have you been? he asks. Go back to sleep I say, and I leave the room. on my way to the living room, I hear footsteps behind me and I look back, its Ronny, my little brother. He is following me to the living and seeing biscuits on the table, he smiles and says, Gotcha....

We sit down, I look at him with a face that is not impressed with the fact that he is now here and reducing the chances of Santa from coming back. He is not coming back is he, Ronny asked. I saw you leaving with him earlier, for two biscuits and milk I wont tell dad, Ronny Says. I look at him and said, ok lets have some biscuits and milk. You must also tell me all about it, I mean all that happened today while you were out with Santa. I started telling the story to Ronny while enjoying few biscuits that had left. We are enjoying this moment and Ronny is asking so many questions about the trip, the biscuits, the milk and the return. I am tired, I want to go to bed, I said. No not now, I am still having fun lets sit for a while and have pudding. what pudding? I asked.

You had everything else and forgot to bring the pudding, where is the entertainment in that? asked Ronny.

The End

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