Its Christmas Day

Santa has had a long night, but today is Christmas, and he is on his way to Hansel and Gretels for Turkey Dinner. But there are a few road bumps to get to fill his hungry belly

"That was a great night! How I love to bring love and joy to people on Christmas morning" Santa said as he stepped out of this sled. It is Christmas morning, and you have been up all night riding around with Santa. You thought is was a pretty sweet deal to fill your tummy with milk and cookies whilst you fly around with the most magical dude on the the most magical of nights.

When you found Santa last night, it was quite a shock. You caught him on your way to sneak a snack from the kitchen, but alas somehow your pet snuck into Santa's pocket when he was delivering presents and stole Santa's sleigh keys, and now Santa was searching under your kitchen table to find them.

The End

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