Harper's Theory.Mature

 We made our way across the packed school building and right into the open air. The teachers never even glanced our way. It's funny how you could get so used to being ignored. You pretty much got to thinking that you could do whatever you wanted, so that's exactly what Harper and I did. We pissed in the snow outside of the school, smoked behind the bleachers, cut classes... and you know what? Nobody said a word. Being a freak in the suburbs had its ups sometimes.

 The June air would have been miserably hot if not for the breeze. The street was practically deserted for everyone being at work or at school, and people generally tried to avoid being seen in the same neighborhood as us anyway. It looked almost peaceful, until I remembered that Harper was with me.

 "Neil... I've been thinking." Oh god. Harper is always thinking. His never ending stream of theories and ideas and plans either made my head hurt or piss me off... or both.

 "Oh enlighten me." I said, feigned enthusiasm gushing out of every syllable.

 My ever intellectual friend caught on to my false interest quickly. "No man, this is a good one! The way I see it is we aren't living my dirty, pot smoking friend! We are surviving! We are scraping by the underbelly of society, while the rest of the human race thrives on oxygen and their own bullshit. What is stopping us from getting out of this shit hole and living too?!"

 "Oh no money, no job, no car except your dirty old van... Need I go on?"

 He pretended not to hear me. "We're graduating in two days, how about we grab that dumb piece of paper, get in my van, and just leave? We can go anywhere we want, where people like us are not ignored and left out..."

 We had been walking for ten minutes now, and my eyes had never left the sidewalk. But just then, I stopped and looked up. Clouds had begun to form and covered the Sun. "We're losers Harper... I don't think a different town is going to change that."

 "Oh really? Well I know of a place that could make you feel differently."

 "Oh yeah? And where is this magical place?"

"San Fransisco man. We head straight south, and we're free."

The End

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