A Day in the Life

I watched the roach crawl over the empty pizza box, what must that be like, I envied it, so free, could eat anything, could even survive nuclear holocaust.. still, it had to worry about being crushed.  I watched it for a few more minutes and then crushed it.. I had that power.

The line at the bank was short, one thing in my favor.. no wait.. down to one teller.. I watched the little old lady in front of me and I knew.  She had pennies, she wanted to change her account, she wanted a load of bullsh-- 

After standing there for 20 minutes, I stepped from behind the ropes, walked up close to her and began to twitch and curse.  I didn't get any banking done but I did get some satisfaction watching the old woman scream and drop her cache of pennies..

Now, I don't know, maybe it's me but, if I bring something to a proprietor say like this.. dry cleaner and, when I bring the item, an item say like this sweater, it actually fit my body, shouldn't it still fit after it's been cleaned?

I will have to start the W.L.A.D.P. (weight loss after death plan) to wear this sweater again.. Oh and look, he's teed off.. at... ME! I grabbed him by the collar and slapped his face.. He looked surprised, imagine that..

I'm not sure what he said after that, it all sounded like Chinese to me.

Things were better at the market, the elevator music actually soothed me.  I took my time, I compared products, I read labels, you know that when you get the caloric calculations on your food, it is done in portions, so if you want to eat the whole thing, you have to guesstimate.  Walking past the checkout there were one or two people..  so I went to the fruit isle.. don't know how long I was there but when I  came back to checkout, everyone was there, the only line open was 15 or less.. I walked over to that isle, there was no one there.  The cashier all but screamed at me..

Bet she's really screaming now,  wonder if she had to put up all those groceries, b---

Pulling into my parking place, I noticed a couple of police cars, I locked my door and jogged towards my apartment.

Gee didn't think I slapped him that hard..  I watch the roach scurry across the cell floor, I wonder to myself if this is a relative of the roach I killed before or, was this the same one? 

Well, I didn't feel like wielding my power, I gave him a pass, fitting end to this day.


The End

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