Stepping Stones

I step on cement, tar, pavemented soil. Vines reach around the

buildings. Nature's fingers stretch to recapture the earth, rightfully,

steadily, meekly -- amputated only temporarily by the hand of man.

Though we as a global populous are slowly opening our eyes, and

striving for integration. Seeing consequence clearly in the thickest

smog drifts. We are looking for a way in which all life can flourish

without murderous, negligent, abusive, intent. Who are we really

hurting with pollution? Ourselves and life itself.

Meanwhile nature remains decomposing itself in the soil.

Regenerating. Constant. New life springs from this seemingly

inanimate blue beauty so small to alien eyes in the distance. So

incomprehensibly large to most meandering on its surface. The

relativity of the mind, any mind, contains the same complexity

existing in infinite space. Ever expanding within and around -- all

directions. Constant. The nature of things is as much a part of us

as we are of it, no matter the scale. No matter the experience we

are tied together in the end-- not torn apart. Tied to this life. Tied to

the fact that none of us know anything else but how to live, to

survive, to contend with time and death, adapt, restore.

We are one with all life. Gifted differently however. Given the gift of

intelligence, and with that comes responsibility. We are the

protectors. Our duty is to stand up for all life, and richly fulfill

ourselves individually and our people and all of life collectively. And

not just in the present but for the indefinite future. For the future of

life we owe that much. `

I'm quite calm about not out living this earth. I'm not so serene that

our kind will. Perhaps because it isn't meant to be. Will we have to

discard this place or defend it? Are planets defensible? With our

help and future technology we may clothe the earth as we do

ourselves -- for protection, warmth, comfort.

I hope we find a way not to destroy other life or ourselves in the

process. Though the perspective on 'what is life' may be drastically

different from what we think. Consider the seemingly inanimate

soil earth and sun, wind, water as our parents, or the womb. Life

doesn't create life so much as life springs from the non living. Or

perhaps that is because everything IS alive-- even what we

consider to be lifeless.

Nature exists far beyond our new born baby blue earth. Earth is the

fresh resemblance of that nature. The nature of the universe, rich

with life sprinkled as vast as the night time stars -- all contained

within everything as we know it.

The End

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