A Day Late

I was a lazy inhabitant of this Earth and did not write yesterday, I was busy enjoying the cup of Joe that I was given by my local bus company--oh yeah, I also got a little earth keychain.

But yesterday, it was a nice day. Thought it would be hotter, but it was cooler.It was comfortable though.

It surprises me how many people nowadays fight for this day and argue against those who pollute, with good reason.

If we were to go back to the beginning of time when Nature was all the Earth had. What if you were Nature and all your hopes and dreams for this planet were steadily going downhill as you watch your creations destroy your existence, how would you feel?

Ragged garbage littering our over populated cities, gum sticking to your shoes, car emissions making you cough--get the picture?

While on the bus, I can see all the factories opened--their smoke stacks clouding our skies and smoke reaching up high and polluting even our heavens.

Making our white angels black.

Imagine, being Nature and having your creation, your child, YOUR WORLD destroy you.

How would you feel?

So plant a tree, pick up that newspaper on the bus that has been ignored and blown over by the wind;

Be respectful, be educated;

Conserve your planet-- you might get a coffee for your hard work.

How can you help our dying planet?

The End

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