Planet Earth,by Cassandra

This world that surronds me I call home.

This planet we call Earth.

A planet full of colours and people and a mixture of all we are capable of creating.Or destroying.

Today on the 22 of April we humans celebrate Earth day in 2009.

Some measures of climate control are being put in each country on an attempt to preserve what is left of all the fauna and flora and in the entire blue planet we live in.

For those who have yet not seen I advice to buy or rent a copy of the film by Al Gore "An inconvenient truth ".

It is an eye opener.

If I had to state a way to celebrate this particular day I  would choose to do what i do  every single day.

The three R`s comes to mind.




And I remenber myself that Earth`s day is every day.

If we want to perserve the planet we call home in a manner the generations coming after us and the ones after them can enjoy the same landscapes and surrondings we do.

With privilege comes responsability.

That being responsable implies cutting down on the profits companies make in order to do the right thing.

You see in my opinion we could solve the problem of global worming and all the aches this planet is having if we trully wanted.

It simply would mean making a few sacrifices.

Personal and as a community.A global one.

You want to save the planet ?

You want to help ?

Start by doing something about it yourself...

And for any doubts about how to be more eco friendly there is always the internet as a resource off information.

So as a departure comment I shall say this.

Enjoy this planet as much as you can.

It is a beautiful home.

The only one we have.

The End

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