Washed Away

The drone of traffic and sirens begin to fade as the car winds it's way out of the city.  Sound fades and vision sharpens the further I drove revealing sparkling snow-capped mountains.  Free of the hazy smog I rolled down the windows and turned off the music, this was a place too beautiful even for the most amazing of mortal singers.

Parking the car I got out and stopped, the first full breath of the day.  Fresh and salty, the way the air should be, I could feel my body beginning to soak it all in.

As I walked the little path, worn over the years by countless pilgrims escaping the jungle, I could hear it.  The ocean was calling me.  I went a little faster, the leaves and branches barely hindering me, aware perhaps that I meant no harm.

Finally the forest broke and the waves crashed infront of me.  I kicked off my shoes and sank to the ground.  The sand was cold, I dug my hands in, needing more.  It wasn't enough.

I shifted a little and laid down, the gentle waves tickled as they continued their ebb and flow along and over my body.  The unmarred beach stretched on in either direction for miles, not a single soul intruded upon my solitude.

My breath came deeper and with every fill of the tangy air I became a little less me and a bit more beach.  It was as if my heart was exploding with the fullness of my surroundings.

I stood and began to walk in the surf, my feet sending sprays of water as I slowly trailed along.  With a new awareness I again took in my surroundings.

In the distance a heron, it's blue and grey feathers flashing in the setting sun, skimmed the surface dipping first one wing tip and then the other into the water.

Between the gentle symphony of the waves a seagull sang, it's cry went straight through me.  It's indescribable empty sorrow and inexplicable joy echoed along the beach.  Curious I searched the sky, ducking suddenly as it dove down and then flew straight over my head.  I laughed as it caught the next draft and began to spiral upwards.

"I wish I could fly," I remarked quietly to no one.

Smiling I began to skip, walking (for some reason) seemed completely inadequate.

The End

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