One Corner of the World

It's cold today, but despite the low temperature, the sun is shining. I look out my window and peer at the sky; there are fewer clouds than I thought. I feel like a walk.

I don my scarf and mittens, leave my apartment and begin walking. My breath fogs the frigid air in steady intervals. The further I walk, the fewer the houses and buildings become. The empty space around me grows and I am freer already.

The incline of the earth is steeper with every step. Soon, walking upwards is such a struggle, I must stop for a moment and calm my ragged breathing.

It's not much longer until I am standing at the top; the top of this cliff, the top of the world, they are the same. I look back and see the city beneath me, small and clustered. The hillside curls around it and cradles it like a child, protecting it from the harsh North Atlantic winds.

I turn my body and take in the panoramic view. Squinting down into the harbour, I take in a bird's-eye view of The Narrows, the entrance to the bay. From just the right angle, it cannot be seen at all and the harbour looks simply like a massive puddle that will never go dry. But from up here, the two towering cliffs face eachother, as if to share a kiss but never quite making it.

I turn my body again, and look out into forever. The wind is whipping around me, cutting my jacket like a knife so that my skin is left with the feeling of steel. I brush my hair from my face and walk closer to the edge but the infinite ocean does not get smaller.

The cliff is so steep that I cannot see the waves crashing against the gray rock, but I can hear it. From up here, I cannot feel the spray against my cheek but I can smell the salt in the air. I breathe it in deeply. On the horizon, the peaks of the water sparkle in the sun so brightly that I squint just so I can look a little longer. Maybe it's just me, but the ice blue water and the cold gray rocks look perfect next to one another.

It's too cold to stay up here any longer. I turn back and make my way down the steep hill again. Before I've gone too far, I stop as my eye catches something that I had missed on the way up; a flower. It's not particularly beautiful, or brightly coloured but I peer at it and then at the rugged earth surrounding it. I do not move the rocks that it has pushed through, but I smile inwardly and let nature be stubborn, flourishing as she always has.

The End

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