A Commets Tail

On a beautiful winters  night my mum and I were lying in the lush green grass of the field behind our home in a quiet little town in the north of England. 

A  cool winters chill past our faces signalling the finale of the sunset.

Once the darkness of the night had decended it gave the black background for the show awaiting us. A fantastic game with the stars above and the tail of the comet passed.

The beautiful light with long glittering tails weaved in and out from behind clouds playing a game of peek-a-boo with my mum and I.

These amazing enteties danced past observing stars showing off their beauty and eligance that the stars would crave.

The entities came past in two's, three's and somtimes more to give a amazing show finale that left me in awe.

When it got too cold for mum and I to watch anymore they winked goodbye and returned behind there blanket of clouds.That was the last time we were greeted by the beautiful enteties that were of a comets tail.

I have never forgotten that magical moment that seemed to make time stand still in the glorious beauty of the earth and its neibours.

The End

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