Dead In The WaterMature

By the time he climbed out of the cockpit, the others were already dressed down and laying in their bunks or below deck making coffee. Logan joined the latter, pulling one of the rounded seats from beneath the table to sit on. "You wanna pass me some brew too?" He asked Rob, who was standing next to the cooking and boiling unit, or CBU.

"Fat chance."

"Come on, you're right there, just drop the crystals in a cup and pass it over."

Rob smiled and after pouring his own cup, simply sat down.

"Fuck you." Logan said, getting up to grab a cup and mix his own.

Will sighed from his bunk, "Quit your bitching, both of you."

"Oh Will's grumpy." Rob said in a child like voice.

"You'll be unconscious if you don't shut the fuck up."

Rob laughed. "You're too easy."

"Hey Will. It wouldn't be hard between the both of us to just squeeze him into the airlock and vent atmo."

"That's starting to sound like a good idea." Will said, his eyes closed as he tried desperately to sleep.

They sat around for a few hours, having regular conversations somewhere in between the insults.

Logan was up for his fifth cup. "Well I'll tell you one thing." He said as he sat back down, his coffee steaming. "It's nice to finally have a moment of rest."

"Logan." Came Carter's voice from the main deck.

"Yes Sergeant?"

"Come here." He yelled.

Logan dropped his head.

Rob was shaking his and laughing. "You jinxed it."

"Apparently so." Logan said, getting up and climbing to the main deck. "Sergeant?"

"Come here." He grunted, sitting at the commanders console.

Logan moved in. "What do you need?"

"I need you to -" His words were interrupted when the ship lurched.

Logan spilled his coffee and tumbled backward. He cursed. They had just dropped out of Alcubierre space.

"Stand to!" Carter yelled, reaching behind him to don his armor.

Logan got to his feet and raced past the others as they climbed up from below deck or rolled out of their cots. He jumped up and swung beneath the turret sliding feet first into the conduit. There, he reached back into his kit and ripped out his helmet, shoving it painfully over his face and locking it on the ring around his neck. A hiss of air let him know the seal was clean and he moved on to the breastplate before crawling the rest of the way to the cockpit. When he reached it, Carter was already coming over his helmet headset.

"Get this thing moving Logan."

"I'm on it."

The ship was drifting, but artificial gravity was still active which meant the reactor was online and running. He searched space briefly through the canopy for any signs of enemy ships and then went to work on the engines, flipping switches and typing commands to ensure everything was in working order. "We can move whenever you need us to."

"Bring us around to the Bethesda."

As he complied, the others began reporting in that they were at their positions. The Zephyr rotated from a calculated thruster burst until it nearly faced the Bethesda. Its main engines lit up and the ship began to close distance. There was an eerie silence. The calm before the storm. Logan could hear nothing but the vibrations of the reactor and the thumping of his heart as his blood ran cold through his veins. He was afraid.

"Logan, we're good here, full stop."

Logan answered by reversing thrust until they were at a full stop in relation to the Bethesda. They were still, however, careening through open space somewhere in the interstellar medium.

"You think it's Pirates?"

"Off the means."

Logan frowned, he hated when they couldn't just answer a simple question. He did, however, obey the command.

Carter tried to get in contact with the freighter. "Bethesda this is Zephyr, over."

"Bethesda, Bethesda, This is Zephyr, This is Zephyr, Radio check, over.

Carter shook his head. "Zephyr, nothing heard. Out." He cursed, slammed his fist against his console and then typed in a few commands that drew up a scan of the area. "There's no one out there."

"Sarge." Logan started.


"We didn't drop out from destabilization."

"Then how did we drop out?"

"It was the Bethesda Sergeant. Her field went down. I can't tell from here what caused it, but it wasn't some outside force. Whatever caused us to drop out, happened on the Bethesda."

"How can you be sure?"

"There's always markers for destabilizers, some kind of energy trail. Not to mention there's usually hiding places nearby for ships ready to ambush. There's nothing like that here. We're out in open space, if we were being attacked they'd have hit us already or we'd have seen them and hit them already. Not to mention scanners aren't picking up any residue from a rocket or particle beam trail. There's no mine debris or anything. Nothing hit us. The only other explanation ... " Logan said, peering out of his canopy at the cargo ship. "Is that the Bethesda's field went down."

There was another long moment of silence, broken by the words Logan knew where coming.

"Alright. We‘re boarding."

The End

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