On The Road AgainMature

Logan unclipped his harness and wiggled free of the belts. He made his way through the narrow passage to the main deck. During faster-than-light travel, there was very little for him to do in the cockpit that he couldn't do from elsewhere. As he crept passed the turret, Doug and Chris were also climbing out.

"So it's all good?" Chris asked.

"Yup, stable and running at peek capacity."

"Good to know." Doug added.

"Better than hearing, 'oh my god we're all going to die.' isn't it?"

Chris nodded, "I'd say so."

Will was sitting at the table with Carter and Kevin when Logan climbed down the ladder. Chris and Doug where soon to follow and they prepared a pot of coffee. Doug made tea.

"So." Carter said. "This is it."

Will nodded. "On the road again."

Kevin was silent, pouring a small shot of whiskey in his coffee from a flask.

Chris gestured for the flask as he spoke, "How long's this jump?"

Logan responded. "It's going to be a while, the listening post is on a solar stationary planetoid, and the system is at the very edge of our battle space. Didn‘t you guys look at the nav map?"

The others looked at him for moment in silence.

"You want it in laymen terms?"

All at the table nodded. Only certain crew members were required to take courses in stellar cartography and navigation, although Logan was not the only one to take the course, it was sometimes apparent that he was the only one who was listening.

"It's on a tiny planet at the edge of the system, far as fuck and barely noticeable. We could be in FTL for about three days before reaching the edge of this system, then another week for the interstellar stint."

They nodded and made sounds of acknowledgement.

"Hey where's the others?" Logan asked.

Chris gestured with his coffee to the main deck, "Andrew's sleeping, as usual. I think Chase and Michael are watching a movie and Cody's listening to music."

"What about Rob?"

"On the head?" Chris guessed.

"Probably wanking it."

They laughed.

Logan wasn't far on his estimate. The flight took the better part of two days. They dropped out of FTL on a few occasions to ensure their course was correct and to communicate with nearby friendly stations or listening posts to get news on enemy movement.

The End

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