Art of WarMature

As Andrew walked around the ship, he noticed Logan was already on top of the hull with a can of spray paint and a roll of wide tape. "You don't waste time do you."

"We're leaving soon, I'd want to get this done fast. Actually, I need to cut out a stencil so how about you come up here and spray this while I get the decal ready."

"What do you have in mind for the stencil?"

"I did one up for some guys back on the Gladius and it gave me some inspiration. I'm going to put a stencil of an angel on the side."

"An angel." Andrew said, frowning.

"Yeah, tits and all."

"Ok, tits, you've got my attention."

"Thought so."

"So what do you have for a name?"

"The Zephyr"

"What the fuck is a Zephyr?"

Logan stopped what he was doing and shrugged. "You know... I'm not even sure, but it sounds cool."

"I'll agree, and if there's tits I definitely agree."

The End

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