A Little ClaustrophobiaMature

Andrew's head was poking up from the ladder shaft as Logan climbed under the main turret. "Flinching a little are we?" Andrew asked as he saw what Logan was wearing.

"I just don't feel like changing later on."

"Personally I'm fine with not getting strangled until we're actually airborne." Andrew was referring to the discomfort afforded by the composite metal ring that fit snugly around the neck on the B.D.U's in order to create a perfect seal when the helmet was donned.

Logan smiled, "Just be glad this isn't a kinetic sortie, otherwise we'd be wearing plates the whole way. Just thinking of the catheter makes me wince."

Andrew shuddered at the thought of wearing full armor for the entirety of the flight.

Throughout the units lifetime, Alpha four had been on non-stop operations for over a month on two separate occasions; once on the desert planet of Koharr, and once in a zero gravity combat zone in the debris fields of the derelict Hescher-Tzach flagship. Both combat scenarios have since become recognized as critical turning points in the war, awarding Alpha four, and other units present, with medals for what Higher called their 'valiant service'. During these conflicts all members of the unit had literally spent every breathing moment encased in their combat armor. Needless to say, if they could avoid wearing it, they did.

"So what's for breakfast?" Asked Logan as he made his way to the ladder.

Andrew was already at the bottom when he replied. "Since almost everyone's either hung over or still drunk, I'd say it's one of those 'fend for yourself' kind of mornings."

Once in the kitchen Andrew and Logan opened the refrigerator and peered inside.

"Slim pickings." said Andrew, reaching in and pulling out a small silver package. "Rations it is."

"And it begins." Logan said, prying a ration free from the box and closing the refrigerator door.

Andrew moved to the other side of the kitchen where a cooking and boiling unit was placed above Will's bunk. "Are you going to eat it cold?" He asked when he saw that Logan was seated at the table and had already opened the packaging.

"yeah, why not? It's just as good cold."

"That's disgusting, you're fucked." Will said as he rolled over in his bunk, as much as he could in the confined space.

"I thought you were taking a shower?" Logan asked Will.

"Too tired. Maybe later."

"Too tired or too hung over?" Andrew said, pulling his steaming breakfast out of the CBU.

"Too tired."


"Hey dick wad." Will yelled at Andrew. "Watch it, you're spilling that shit on me."

"Oh fuck, sorry."

"Damn it Andrew...." Will shook his head. "It's always you."


"Get out of here." He said, kicking Andrew in the ass. "Get!"

Logan looked at the empty bunk behind him. "Hey where's Carter?"

"I think he's in another o-group." Andrew said.

"No, he's just hanging out with the Master Chief in the Control Point." Will said.

"Trying to listen in on comms to see when we're leaving?" Logan asked.

"Probably." Andrew said, sitting down. "You should go to your hole and listen in, tell us on the InterCom when that freighter's ready to go." he said to Logan.

"Yeah, how 'bout you suck my balls."

Will rolled out of his bunk. "We'll know soon enough when we're leaving."

The three looked out the airlock as they heard someone coming up the ramp.

"Might know sooner rather than later" Will said as he recognized Carter.

"Alright, where's the rest of you." Carter asked, climbing through the airlock.

"Most of ‘em are sleeping." Logan said. "Doug's at the head, probably throwing up."

"Well get them up and ready to go, we're leaving in a few hours."

Logan pointed with his spoon. "Hey Sarge."


"Does this shit can have a name?"

"Don't start with that shit Logan."

"What? It's bad luck to fly a nameless boat."

"We didn't name our APC's back when we were landlocked."

"We named the last ship we were on though."

"Fine, you're in charge of naming the ship."

"Can I paint a decal on it like last time too?"

"Whatever, I don't care."

"Sweet." Logan said, hurrying to finish his breakfast while he made his way out of the kitchen.

Carter shook his head. "Will."

"Send it."

"After you get the boys up I want the hangar cleaned up, there's cigarette buts all over the place and garbage laying around. We don't need shit getting sucked up by the intakes while we manoeuvre out of here."

"Roger." Will climbed up the ladder and began yelling. "Wakey wakey boys."

A collective moan ensued as minds where torn from slumber to become fully aware of the pain their bodies were enduring.

"Don't drink if you can't hold your guts in." Will said. None below knew to who he was speaking.

"Well I'm going to go make sure Logan doesn't name our ship ‘The Pussywillow' or something equally as gay." Andrew said to Carter as he got up from the table and filed out the airlock.

Carter shook his head and looked up as if to confer with the Almighty "And this is what you leave me to work with? You are trying to kill me aren‘t you?"

Andrew yelled from the bottom of the ramp. "Don't kid yourself Sarge, he forsook you a long time ago."

Carter hung his head and trudged to his bunk.

The End

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