All Dressed UpMature

Logan came through the hangar doors with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"You're up early." said Will, holding his aching head as he stood with a cup of coffee a the bottom of the ramp.

 "Took the last warm shower I'll have for the next few months and shaved."

"Shower, yeah that's not a bad idea." Will replied, turning and walking with Logan up the ramp. "So's this thing going to blow up on us when we take it out today?"

 "It should be fine, just bumpy."

 The two walked through the front cargo hold that the ramp lead into. They continued through the opened airlock to the kitchen where Will's bunk was.

"Are you gonna get started on maintenance again soon?" He asked as Logan was starting up the ladder.

"No, I finished yesterday, why?"

"Because my head is splitting open and I really don't want those engineering blast doors open today if they don't have to be."

 Logan laughed. "I'll try and make sure I don't have to go in there today, how's that?"

 "Try hard."

"Will do." Logan said, moving up the ladder."

As he came to the main deck, Doug was stumbling down the walkway. "Jesus man, are you alright?"


"Is that a yes or a no?"

"S t o p... t a l k i n g."

"Right." Logan said, turning around and heading toward the front of the ship. Since the cockpit's seat reclined, it doubled as a bunk space for the pilot. During combat missions, the pilot would hot-bunk with his secondary. After twelve hours on watch he would move from the cockpit to the bunk space his counterpart was sleeping in. Hopefully he could get some rest before his next shift twelve hours later.

 The long corridor between the main deck and the cockpit was often crammed with as much kit as possible without making it completely impassable by the pilot. For this reason Logan kept his clothes and personal items on the ships side of the passage. Knowing that they would be flying out later in the day Logan chose to put on his B.D.U's. Unlike navy pilots Logan and other NOVA pilots did not wear a flight suit. Because their primary function was as an assault force, they wore a battle dress uniform equipped with none-Newtonian ballistic gel.

 They also often wore the second component to full combat armor during operations; the carbon fiber breast plate, gauntlets and greaves that soldiers affectionately called "plates". Although designed for ground and zero atmosphere combat, the all purpose battle armor turned out to be a huge success for NOVA pilots. With the help of technicians, they had improvised a way of integrating the ships computer with the battle armors internal targeting and communications systems. It was such a success that the navy was now in the process of creating their own version of the interface. Whether they would force their pilots to wear full combat armor in the cockpit as NOVA did was, however, still in question.

The End

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