The Good Things In LifeMature

The crew got hard stares moving through the meal line and were nonverbally discouraged from sitting at any length of table that was already occupied by navy personnel; not that they ever intended to in the first place.

Chase sat down beside Michael, "I'm not going to miss this place."

"I'm gonna miss the food." Michael replied, shovelling a spoonful of beef stew into his mouth.

Will sat beside them. "I'm gonna miss Chandra." He said, winking across the room to a blushing brunette.

Everyone at the table looked in her direction with little intent on being discrete.

Logan was turned completely around and still chewing as he stared at her. "Didn't you just meet her two days ago?"

"Yep." Will said.

Carter laughed "That easy huh?"

Logan frowned "How can you miss a girl you just met?"

"Hey." Will said, food spilling from his mouth as he pointed his fork at Logan.

"When I'm stuck out there with you fucks for God knows how long, I miss every girl."

"I get your drift, but how much about her have you gotten to know in just two days?"

Andrew laughed, spitting some rice out of his mouth by accident. "Logan, you'd have spent both days bringing her out to dinner and having long intellectual conversations." He said, bursting out into laughter. "Just like a gay friend."

Logan shook his head.

Will stopped laughing to talk. "God damn it Logan, all I care to know about any girl is if she's good in the sack."

Kevin shot up. "Was she any good?"

Will looked back at her table; the girls there were all hunched over the table leaning in to each other, spinning gossip no doubt. "Yeah, she was pretty fucking good."

Carter stabbed a potato. "When you've been out this long, any tail is good."

Will shook his head. "I beg to differ, that blond on the Gladius was crap."

Kevin grinned. "She wasn't that bad."

Laughter erupted at the table.

The End

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