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As they filtered in to the mess hall, the difference in their uniforms made it painfully obvious that they did not belong to the Halifax. The Halifax was a navy vessel, their crew wore blue digital pattern while Alpha Delta's NOVA call sign was still a branch of the army and wore dark grey digital pattern.  Every one of Alpha Delta's team was first and foremost an assault soldier trained in near to, or zero gravity combat in order to close with and destroy the enemy regardless of environmental variables. For this reason they also carried their sidearms at all times, something that made their navy hosts uncomfortable.

In the beginning, Near Zero Variable Assault task forces were attached to navy ships and could only board enemy vessels or stations when navy command was prepared to move their ships in to close quarters. Alpha Delta and a hand full of other call signs were an initiative in giving the army full control of the deployment of their assets by training the assault groups how to service, operate and live on small vessels such as gunboats. The initiative was proving to be extremely effective, with enemy ships and stations being boarded on record levels at record speeds with very few casualties to the assault groups.

Their small vessels where able to slip through the melee during the first stages of space combat while the main defences of ships were busy firing at swarms of navy fighters. They didn't ever expect to hear the sound of their hull being punctured by boarding parties until long after their vessel had either forfeited the battlefield or been disabled. Even then they would wait hours coasting in the debris of battle while the navy painstakingly poked and prodded the battlefield for post contact reports and battle damage assessments; red tape that caused loss in momentum during combat that units like NOVA were designed to alleviate.

Navy command was stubborn, and didn't enjoy having their battle space partially exploited by the army. They especially didn't enjoy being ordered from Higher to give up what they considered "essential hardware" in the form of gunboats, equipment and supplies. Higher ranking navy commanders took advantage of the fact that NOVA didn't have a clear chain of command; they operated outside of the army's primary chain of command. They were, in some respects untouchable. Although they reported directly to army Higher, they still had to follow orders given to them by the unit they were attached to. Clever navy commanders were finding ways of giving NOVA teams obscure orders that filled the requirements demanded by the initiatives agenda, but sent units to useless regions or tasked them with mundane objectives, such as Alpha four's most recent orders.

The End

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