Hurry Up And WaitMature

"Why's it so loud?" Rob screamed.

Logan turned back. "What?"

Rob came closer, "Why's it so loud. Is something wrong?"

Logan frowned. "Rob... you're the secondary pilot. Don't you remember this stuff from the course?"

"Nope, I must have skipped the class on what causes a brain crushing noise in the reactor."

Logan sighed. "Imagine the plasma spinning around the singularity is like clothes in a washing machine. The containment field is not making it uniform so it's unbalanced and causing vibrations."

"Oh yeah, I think I remember that..."

"Right. I'm sure you do."

"Can you fix it?"

"Yes, but hopefully we don't need to replace any components."

"Yes is all I wanted to hear, components are your problem, that noise is everyones."

"Yeah but if we need to replace something and the Halifax quartermaster doesn't have it, you'll be dealing with this for however long it takes to get to that outpost, and hope to God that they have the spare parts ... which I'm sure they don't."

"You're depressing."

Logan smiled. "At your service."

Sergeant Carter returned from CQ and called everyone out of the ship. Slowly everyone filtered down the ramp.

"Alright, here's the deal." he said, giving the new comms unit to Cody who set it down at his feet for the moment. "We're leaving tomorrow morning."

"Does that mean we have to unpack?" Asked Michael from the top of the ramp.

"No, we've already cleared out of the Halifax expecting to leave tonight, and they're not going to clear us back in for just one night."

Will furrowed his brow "So we're sleeping in the boat." He stated, having already figured it out.

"Yes, we're sleeping in the boat, but they were kind enough to invite us to use the mess one last time before tomorrow morning. We'll be leaving with a cargo freighter and two other gunboats who'll escort us to the systems edge. From there we're on our own with the freighter in FTL until we come out the other end. We'll rendezvous with two escorts at our drop point who'll bring us in to the listening post station. Any questions?"

Chase put his hand up.

"Any other questions?"

"Oh come on."

"Fine, what do you want?"

"How long is this trip going to be?"

Carter just looked at him for a moment as an awkward silence filled the hangar.


"Alright." Chase responded rolling his eyes, obviously not satisfied with the answer.

Will interjected, "We'll get there when we get there, doesn't matter how long it is."

"Yeah." Chris started. "It's not like we have anywhere else to be."

"Alright, get fed and rack out." Carter barked. "Tomorrow's going to be a long day."

All eleven members of Alpha Delta moved out of the hangar to get one last good meal before unpacking and settling in to what was going to be their new home for the foreseeable future.

The End

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