Her Heart A ClatterMature

Logan continued down the walkway to the central bulkhead where the hatch to the lower deck was located. He climbed down and into the mess. "Ah man, is this all we have for a kitchen?" He said, hunched below the five foot ceiling.

"Yep, get used to it." Rob said as he loaded food stuffs into the cargo holds.

"Of course I knew I'd find you here, have you eaten half the stores already?"

"No, but there's some cheese over there if you want to take some before you run away."

"Ha, ha... " The comment was directed at Logan's french ancestry.

Just aft of the ladder, the room widened slightly where a long rectangular table stretched to the back of the ship. The table had twelve circular seats that swung out from beneath it. This was the briefing room, the dining room, the lounge and the kitchen. Two bunks which looked more like long slits in the walls were also nearby, just above the storage bins either side of the table, making it a bedroom as well. Even with the seats all stowed up under the table, it was difficult to squeeze through to get to the engineering section at the back of the ship.

Logan pushed past Rob and pulled on the lever to unlock the engineering hatch. The door hissed and popped out slightly. As soon as the doors split, the humming of the reactor became deafening. Logan walked in and took a quick look at the room. Engineering took up both decks aft of the ship. A large sphere dominated the room, this was the containment unit that held the micro singularity at the center of the reactor. The reactor not only powered the ships systems, but also produced the gravitational field needed for the Alcubierre drive which made it possible to accelerate faster than light. Plasma from fusion reactions on the event horizon was in turn used as fuel for manoeuvring thrusters, sub light engines, and even fired from the particle beam cannon in some cases. It was by all means the heart of the ship, which made the reactor room the most armored area onboard; both to protect it from outside forces, and to protect the crew from it; in case of some catastrophic incident.

The End

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