Her Heart AflutterMature

Logan closed his eyes and took in a deep breath.

"Hey dipshit", said a voice over the headset.

He winced, and replied without opening his eyes. "What?"

"Turn the main power on."

Logan thought it sounded like Cody, but it could have been Andrew. He looked to his left, auxiliary power was already engaged, pumping the second lever engaged main power and the reactor whined in the belly of the ship. "That doesn't sound promising."

"Well, guess you'll have to get down there and take a look won't you?"

Logan was sure now that it was Andrew. "I suppose I will." In front of him, the cockpit came to life. Three large displays lit up and began cycling through their boot routine. A plethora of buttons and switches lit up in different colors. Logan flicked several switches that calmed the light show slightly. "She's not looking too bad from up here."

"You still have to check it." Said Will sternly over the headset.

"Yeah I know, I'm on my way." Logan pulled off the headset, took one last glance at the monitors that were now filled with information on the ship's systems and then began the gruelling task of climbing back out of the cockpit.

Doug had finished putting together the cannon's working parts when Logan came out beneath the turret. He looked down, "Hey, you wanna climb up here and give me a hand putting this back in?"

Logan, already covered in sweat, nodded, and pulled himself out of the shaft and up into the right seat of the main turret, knocking his elbow painfully in the confined space. "Ah fuck that hurt. Where's Kevin, I thought he was helping you with this earlier?"

"Yeah he was, Will needed him to load up some stuff the forklift just brought in."

The two picked up the particle accelerator coil and slid it into the manifold. Logan pulled his arm out just as the clamps began to engage. "I hate this thing."

"It's not going to crush you, it just pinches a bit."

"I've lost enough skin to this thing over the years to know I hate it."


"Whatever." Logan said, squeezing through the hatch below to return to the main deck.

"Next time I won't help you."

"Whatever , next time I won't ask."

The End

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