Pried From Rusted BonesMature

"I got it!" Logan yelled, his voice muffled by the blow torches.

Chris peered through the debris and saw Logan crawling out of the wreckage of their old ship. "It's about time, how long does it take to pull an extension cord?"

"Well, if you hadn't tied it down every two inches I wouldn't have taken so long."

"Alright, let's go." Kevin spun around and started walking down the hall, Chris followed close behind.

"You guys gonna wait up?"

A resounding "No" came from down the hall as Logan finally finished squeezing through the emergency escape hatch. He caught up a few minutes later as they moved in to another hangar bay. "Woaw." Logan winced at the sight of it. "This is our new boat?"

Carter was sitting on a cargo box smoking a cigarette, "Get to it Logan. Let Will know if there's anything wrong or if we need something. Hurry it up, we're leaving soon."

"Roger." Logan replied as he made his way around the old ship. It wasn't looking all that much better than the one he had just climbed out of. "Are you seriously expecting me to fly this thing out of here?"

Will came down the ramp. "Yes, you are. This is all we're getting. They're not too glad that a quarter of a billion dollars is sitting smouldering in that hangar you just came from."

"Yeah but, man, you don't put a guy out to sea on a tree trunk and ask him to win a war."

"That's the thing." Will continued talking as he moved about the hangar, picking up gear here and there and moving back toward the ramp. "We're not winning a war, haven't you heard? We're going to go baby sit a listening post out in the middle of nowhere."

Carter took a drag of his smoke. "Boys, it's better than being court marshalled and put out of the job, so I'm not complaining too much. We'll be on our own too, which isn't half bad."

Cody came down the ramp with a radio in his arms. "This is fried; I'm going to get a new one."

Carter stood up. "Give it here, I'll pass it up to the quartermaster, he owes me a favour I'm gonna call on. How are they doing with the cannon?"

Will, who was just going up the ramp yelled up into the ship. "Hey, what's the status on the cannon?"

Doug yelled back, "It's all gutted right now, we're cleaning it out."

"Hurry up, I want it done before I get back from CQ" Carter said, as he walked off with the radio unit. "You too Logan, finish that walk around and get in there."

Logan shook his head. "What does he think we are?" he said plaintively as soon as Carter was out of earshot.

"Hey!" Will was pointing at him from the ramp. "Just get it done, the sooner we're out of here the better."

Logan finished checking the outside of the ship and moved up the ramp. "This thing has seen better days."

Andrew was taping an extension cord to the bulkhead near his bunk. "No outlets, we're going to have to jury rig the whole thing."

"Does Cody have those speakers I got out of the old boat?"

"Yeah that's what this extension is for."

"Is there enough slack to reach my hole?"

Andrew laughed, "Which hole are you referring to?"

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah, yeah there should be enough."

"Sweet, at least I'll have tunes; it's going to be a long trip."

The End

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