And She Awoke

"Ahhhh!- what?"  Emily had just woken her entire cabin up with those screams. She expected to see the dwarfs from her dream gathered her stomach, complementing themselves on what a wonderfull job they'd done gutting her. Instead, she found herself surrounded by a band of preppy little.. girl scouts? Then she remembered- Mom, Dad, and her litttle brother Robert waving bye as she got on the bus to camp Pufferfish with her girl scout troop. Well, Robert hadn't been waving, he'd been dancing to some wierd party song from the 80s... but he was like that. She remembered getting to her cabin late the night before, and falling into a restless sleep. There was something  else she remebembered, something very scary, but she could think of only gingerbread men and Snow White. No matter, though. I'm awake now. That was fine, except that now all of Daisy cabin now wanted an explaination for her yell. "Uhhh... uhhh, oh! There was a spider, like, this close to my head!" Her thumb and forefinger narrowed to a sliver, and she smiled weakly. That seemed to be just enough explaination for most of the girls, and they quickly got into a heated debate on whether all spiders really were poisonous. For Riham, though, who was probably the biggest camper at Pufferfish, that was sooo not enough. "Just for that, Em, I'm hitting your street during cookie sales twice as hard." Emily nodded her head, and tried not to show how ticked she was that Riham had used that nickname, or that she was poaching her section of the neigbohood. To her, Em was probably the worst insult someone could give, but showing that hurt to a girl that mean would only fulfill the purpose. So she sat, orginizing and re-orginizing her packs untill the breakfast bell.

The End

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