A Darker Fiction

A girl named Emily has unsettling dreams about the Grimm's fairy tale characters, which then spring to life in a dark and action packed quest for truth.

Emily looked around. The shadows of the trees surounding her danced to the erie lilt of a cold wind's age- old tune, not in malice... but in hunger. The Swish of their branches scared her more than any thing else in that dismal scene- swish, swish,swish, smash. smash. "Ohno." It was always something different that came,  and footsteps that loud was not a good sign.  A terrifying slihtout appeared above the trees, and with it came the overpowering scent of gingerbread cookies. It was at this point that Emily began to run, and it was at this point that the monster said it's first to her. "Run,run, as fast as you can, you can't escape me- I'm the Gingerbread Man!", It roared, and started towards her fleeing shape. Of course, Emily had no chance of escaping such a massive beast, but she kept running. Wait, there's a cottage on my left- maybe it will have a bomb shelter or something... Crap. As she opened the door, she saw that there was but one room to the house, and that that room was only full of beds, 7 beds.  She turned to leave just as a light came on outside. There, standing by the door, were 7 Dwarfs armed with pickaxes. Through the window, she could see the trees move closer. Above her, the roof of the cottage had been ripped of by the Gingerbread Man. The dwarfs lifted their weapons,  and brought them crashing down on... empty space.

The End

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