A Dark Descent

Jack is a fifteen year old boy who lives in an estate near York, England. In the estate There is a door. Jack has explicit instructions to never open this door, or to go down the stairs behind it. Being a fifteen year old he doesn't do what he is told. What is behind this door? What is at the bottom of these stairs? Why does the parents tell him too keep it shut? Well; there is only one way to find out.

Chapter One; The curious mind of Jack

It's a Friday night, pretty much like an other one. Jack, is home all alone. His parents have gone to a theatrical production and with no interest to go; Jack stayed in the estate.

Jack stood by the stairs, gazing at the door. His father's words ring through his mind. "You must never open this door Jack; under any circumstances you must never open this door". His dad's voice continues to ring. However; Jack's young mind and utter curiosity unwillingly pulled his hand towards the handle. His hand, sweating from the fear that his parents put into him about this door. With a large gulp, swallows his fear for a moment; just long enough to grip the handle. As he twists the handle, His spine shivers; as if ice has been placed on his bones and nerves. His mind, screaming in a terrified agony; telling Jack to stop. And then, a sudden click. Jacks mind went blank, the silence was there. It felt like all life had left the world. Then the door then made a large thudding noise as Jack pushed it. To Jacks relief; the door was locked. As a sigh of relief exited jack and a faint smile appeared on his pale face. He left the stairs, and went into the living room.

As Jack sat in his armchair; watching his favorite TV show, his mind Suddenly sharpened, As a sudden memory of a key he remembered seeing the shed at the bottom of the garden. His body shivered. The thought of knowing what could be behind this door, was interesting and horrifying at the same time. Jack told himself to ignore it, but his curious mind took control of his body, and he proceeded to the shed in the garden

The End

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