A Dark Day

A Demon lord came to Earth to destroy humanity and take over Earth , But the Gods won't stay silence about it , They have summoned a Demon slayer to save Earth from destruction .

Many years ago a Demon lord Caused great destruction to Earth , transformed mountains into Volcanoes! , Oceans into a Lava! , Humans into an army of Undead! . But when all the gods combined their powers to defeat the Demon lord , he fled and never came back .

And now , he came back with more powerful powers , that are capable of defeating the Gods , and take over Earth! . He went to Earth and said "Bow to me useless Humans! , become my army of Undead" , this time he split Earth and released the Hell that was underneath it.

The god of Earth has an ability to fix Earth , he went to Earth and said : " Earth is a peaceful place , don't even try to destroy it ! " , he fixed earth and called the God of War

The god of War is one of the strongest gods , he has an army of Angels , he ordered his Angels to defeat the Demon . And a war between Undead and Angels started !.

To be continued .


The End

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