A Dark and Deadly Passion

Hey protagonize people! This is the first installment in a six-book series I'm writing titled Late Night Bites. I don't have a plot sturcture, so this is just what I think of on the spot mostly. Feel free to read it and comment:D


Florence, Italy


          The thick forest underbrush played no role in delaying him in his race against time. He couldn't believe what he'd done. He'd turned her in, the first love of his life. What made him do it? He did not know. He was trying to track her scent but it was clouded by that of many others. He continued to run though, hoping that he wouldn't be too late. He followed the scents farther into the woods until he came upon a strange looking fortress made of large gray stones. The scents faded, but he knew that they had been here. That  she had been here.

          Without thinking, he stepped towards the thing, but he didn't get very far before he fell to the ground. When he looked up, he was several feet below. It was dark and only dim light could be seen farther down the tunnels. He noticed a staircase and quickly descended it. The light grew closer and he recognized the form. Fire. He started running again, but suddenly someone appeared, pressing themselves against the cool walls for support. He stared at the figure a long time before speaking.

          "Ninabeth?" He called softly. He wasn't sure it was her until her hand gently grabbed his forearm. It was unusually warm. Too warm for a vampire. "You've been burned." He whispered.

          "I'm not hurt, don't worry. My dress is just a little singed, but that's all. How did you find me?" She rasped.

          "I followed your scent. I'm so sorry. C'mon, let's get you out of here." He turned and started to leave but she didn't follow. "What is it?"

          She sighed, a sign of bad news. "Patch, those humans didn't let me go so easily." She began. "I have to stay here." She said.

          "No you-"

          She cut him off. "I'm sorry Patch, but I promised them."

          "You promised them?" He was slightly angry with her. "Why would you do that? You know that promises to humans are unbreakable!"

          "I know. But I did it to see you. We can still be together, just not in the way we've always wanted. I can't leave. I'm condemned."

          "Forget about the humans," He said. "I don't care about the terms in which they freed you, I'm getting you out of here."

          "No. Patch you don't understand." She spoke softly and he knew that she was never coming back. If she didn't feed sooner or later, she would die. "I really do have to stay here." She spoke the words deliberately slow so he could take in their meaning. "This is my home now."

The End

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