A Dancer's Tale

“3 minutes until show time everyone,” the director warned us.

I made my way towards the stage, legs shaking, heart fluttering.

This was it….

The opening night of the show, and I was the lead

no pressure

“Now remember everyone….if all else fails….keep those toes pointed,” I heard the dance director call out from the side of the stage.

“Right…..just point those toes, don’t worry about the triple pirouette or the sixteen pas de chats you have to do,” I rolled my eyes grumbling to myself.

I got in my position…center stage….

I could feel what little I had eaten over the past couple of days start to rise in my throat…great, just what i need, and in a two thousand dollar costume nonetheless.

I started panicking….

What are my dance steps… wait, why am I here again?

“Hey B, don’t worry, you got this,” I heard someone whisper.

I turned to my right to see Riley in his starting position, smiling and giving me a wink.

Looking at him made all of my waorries go away, and suddenly I began to get the feeling back in my legs. I smiled back, knowing he would be there for me even if I messed this up.

the curtain rose

And the music started….

The End

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