The girl was happy. She kissed her boyfriend goodbye, feeling the familiar warm tingles - she couldn't wait to see him again tonight. It was his fault that she wouldn't. She stepped off the pavement, and she couldn't resist looking back over her shoulder just for one last glimpse. He smiled as he turned to begin his own walk home. The heartwarming smile that - her ears were suddenly full of the sound of screeching, and she whipped her head around in time to see the beat-up Ford Fiesta ploughing towards her, too fast and too close for it to avoid her. She was frozen, and it only took a split second for it to hit. She felt a few dizzying seconds of fear and pain as she was thrown like a doll, hitting the ground several metres away at just the right angle to snap her neck.


The screaming faded into a buzzing as I jerked awake. I self-consciously rubbed my face, just in case I had drooled. Luckily I hadn't. I looked sideways to see my best friend, Charisse Redbud, sat at the desk beside mine, just as the bell rang out to signal the end of the school day. It was a Friday - thank God for that, Roxy thought as she scooped up her rucksack and shrugged it onto her shoulder, noting with some relief that the fearsome History teacher Mrs Braun hadn't noticed her little nap.

"Dozing again," Charisse reprimanded, her clear blue eyes full of laughter in her tanned face, as they exited the classroom and joined the stream of students in the corridor heading for the doors.

"Give me a break, I was tired," Roxy grumbled, running a pale hand through her long black hair as she remembered the details of her dream. Ha, dream - if only it was something that mundane.

"Whatever, Silverbell," her friend said, waving a hand airily. They paused to one side of the steps outside the front doors to wait for the thick crowds to disperse. "I'll see you at the cinema later tonight, right? We were going to see that new wizard flick..."

"Yeah, yeah, course," Roxy agreed distractedly: she was trying to spot the girl from her vision. She had been wearing a Summers High School uniform just like theirs, so she must be here somewhere...

"Gotta go, Roxybells. Catch ya later."

"Cya, Red," Roxy murmured, replying to the nickname, but her friend had already gone for her bus. Just then she caught a glimpse of a couple meandering down the pavement towards the corner. It was them, she was sure of it.

She took off after them at what was just a little faster than normal walking pace. She reached the corner just as the pair were saying their physical goodbye. From this close Roxy recognised the girl as Callie Snow, a prep from the year above.

"Hey, Callie!" she yelled, waving foolishly to catch her attention. She gave Roxy what could only be interpreted as a dirty look for the interruption. She was obviously trying to put a name to the face, but when she failed she simply asked, "What do you want?"

Just then, a blue Ford Fiesta came screaming around the corner. The young gangly driver was rocking to the music on the radio and was most definitely not focussing on the road as it squealed past. She thought she saw a boy stood on the opposite side of the road, eyes fixed on the couple,. but then the Fiesta flashed past and there was nobody there. 

Crisis averted, Roxy thought once it had disappeared, feeling the old familiar pressure lift from her chest. She had done her job. She had saved the life.

"Oh, nothing," she smiled genuinely, backing off as she spoke. "Um, guess I'll see you around."

She turned and walked back the way she had come much less urgently, even managing a small chuckle as she heard the preppy girl mutter, ''Freak'', even as her boyfriend asked her, ''What was that about?''

The End

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