Opportunity KnocksMature

             In this dream Aylan found himself alone in a vast open field, rich with wildflowers and lush green grass.  The sun was out as if it were high noon, perched atop a clear blue sky. The sweet fragrance of the flowers invaded his nostrils, momentarily causing Aylan to smile and relax.  He quickly wiped it away, wary of this dream.  Every dream he had held bad tidings, without fail.  In some he died, and in some his friends died.  In some, his friends rose from the dead to kill him.  He wondered what horrors this deceptive field held for him. Whatever it is, it can come to me, Aylan thought. I am so ridiculously tired.

           Aylan sat down amongst the aromatic flowers cross legged and closed his eyes.  He listened to the slight wind ripple through the grass around him and waited.

            He did not have to wait long.

            “You are tense, my child.”  Aylan’s eyes popped open at the sound of the voice.  It belonged to a beautiful woman, clad in a long, flowing white robe.  Her snow white hair danced about her shoulders, moving with the wind as if they were one. 

            “I am very tired.  I should like to get some uninterrupted sleep for once,” Aylan retorted, standing and backing away from the woman.  Her eyes were golden and mesmerizing, and framed by the loveliest face he had ever laid his eyes upon.  Her perfect lips curled slightly in a reassuring smile.  She seemed almost,motherly,despite her attractiveness, however.It was an honest struggle for Aylan not to rush to her, embrace her, and confide all his fears in her. No, nothing good has ever come of these damned dreams of late,Aylan thought.

            “I assure you this is no normal dream, little one.”  Her voice was melodic and soothing, and it cut straight to Aylan’s heart.  “I am not here to harm you.”

            “Then what is it you want of me?”  Aylan had to look away from her to find the strength to speak.

            “I come to you to ask for your help, Aylan.  I need souls to help balance the good and evil within Eadd, and I would have you as one of my chosen.”

            “I have no desire to be used anymore, not by my father, not by his cronies, and not by another mad dream.  By the gods, is there nowhere I can be free?”

            “I offer you power, Aylan, the power to make yourself free, the power to help free your people. Will you deny me my wish?” 

            Aylan still looked away from the entrancing female.  “I have no people, you are wrong to come to me, false vision or not.”

            “You will, Aylan.  The time will come when you will have to step forward out of the evil shadows of Tel’Aran to restore order.  You will not be alone.  You will have friends-”

            “I HAVE NO FRIENDS!”  Aylan shouted, this time facing the enchanting vision.  “They are all dead or forbidden to me, thanks to the actions of my own flesh and blood!  Now no one is left to care whether or not I live or die and I have no purpose left in life!”

            “Poor confused child,” the beautiful woman murmured.  “Everything is not as it seems, and as long as there is life in you there is hope.  Never abandon it, and never lose faith that there is good to be found in the darkest shadows if you look hard enough.”  She sighed, and lightly touched Aylan’s shoulder.  “I will leave you now, and I hope that you will reach for me before your heart gives in to the blackness eating away at it.  If you can manage to trust in me, and release your fears and doubts, I will come again.”  She kissed him on his forehead and turned, stepping lightly through the fragrant field of flowers.

            “Wh-what is your name?”  Aylan called after her, sorry to see her go despite himself.

            “Everyone calls me something different,” she called gaily over her shoulder, casting the young man a quick smile.   In a flash the wondrous field and sunny day melted away, and Aylan Rothowar drifted off into other dreams.

The End

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